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8.8 – Miscellaneous Equipment

8.8.1 Knee Pads & Elbow Pads Hard shell kneepads and elbow pads are not allowed. Soft shelled pads, braces, and tape may be worn throughout a match without being concealed, provided they are worn for each stage of the match. Pads, braces, and tape worn under concealment garments may be put on and removed as […]

8.7 – Duty Gear Exemption

This duty gear exemption is for patrol type gear worn by uniformed personnel, not undercover, plainclothes, or investigative type gear. Police and military personnel are allowed to use their duty rigs as follows: The duty holster must be a strong side belt or thigh holster with at least one retention feature. All retention features of […]

8.6 – Ammunition Carriers

8.6.1 General Ammunition Carrier Rules Instead of using ammunition carriers, shooters may carry spare loading devices in their pockets. Shooters may mix carry methods. One ammunition carrier per allowed ammunition feeding device may be worn on the belt. Each individual pouch in a multi-pouch carrier counts as one. One additional ammunition carrier may be worn […]

8.5 – Holsters

The following criteria apply to IDPA legal holsters. Must be suitable for all day concealed carry, and worn on each stage regardless of the start position. Must be a strong side hip holster worn inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waist band. Must be worn on an IDPA legal belt. Must prevent activation of […]

8.4 – Belts

Belts may be no wider than 1 3⁄4 inches or thicker than 5/16 inches and must pass through a minimum of all but two of the pant loops.

8.3 – Ammunition

The following rules apply to ammunition used in IDPA matches. Metal piercing, incendiary, and tracer ammunition is prohibited. Clubs may prohibit cartridges that may damage metal targets. All ammunition must use a single projectile. 8.3.1 Ammunition Power The goal is to compete with commonly available ammunition. The minimum power factors are: SSP, ESP, CCP….125 CDP……………….165 […]

8.2 – Firearms – Divisions

8.2.1 Stock Service Pistol Division (SSP) Handguns permitted for use in SSP must: Have a minimum annual production of 2,000 units. Discontinued models must have had a total production of 20,000 units Be semi-automatic Be double action, double action only, or striker fired Use 9 mm (9×19) or larger cartridges. Weigh 43.00 oz. or less […]

8.1 – Firearms – General

8.1.1 Division Summary IDPA is divided into 6 regular divisions that are entirely separate. None of the following divisions compete against any other division:Stock Service Pistol (SSP) .   Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP)    Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP)Compact Carry Pistol (CCP)   Revolver (REV)                            […]

Chapter 7 – Permanently physically disabled shooter (PPDS) Rules

For IDPA purposes, a permanently physically disabled shooter is defined as having: Missing limbs or partial limbs. Prosthetic limbs. Non-operational limbs. Use of wheelchair, walker or crutches. In an effort to accommodate our PPDS, the following rules apply. PPDS who choose not to, or are unable to perform an action required by the CoF (kneeling, […]

6.6 – Miscellaneous Stage Design Rules

6.6.1 Only official IDPA cardboard targets or IDPA approved targets can be used in any IDPA stage. 6.6.2 75% of all shots required in a match must be made from 15 yards or closer. 6.6.3 Scenario stages may have targets up to 20 yards from the shooter. 6.6.4 Standards stages may have targets up to […]

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