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IPDA Rulebook – Chapter 10 – Appeals Process

10.3 – Written Appeal Review

10.3.1  After receipt of the written appeal, the MD will deliver the document to the Area Coordinator (AC) of the region or his delegate, who will act as Lead of the Arbitration Team. 10.3.2  The AC will select a team of 3 shooters (including himself) who are certified Safety Officers to comprise the Appeals Team. […]

10.2 – Appeals Requirements

10.2.1  Shooters may verbally appeal an issue/decision to the Chief Safety Officer (CSO) of the stage on which the dispute arose, adhering to all aspects of the IDPA Shooter’s Code of Conduct, immediately after attempting to shoot the CoF. 10.2.2  If the shooter and CSO still disagree, the shooter may verbally appeal the issue/decision to […]

10.1 – General Guidelines

Appeals can be submitted by the following process. An appeal can be made regarding a stage design before or after a competitor completes the CoF but must be submitted prior to final scores being posted.

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