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IDPA Rulebook – Chapter 4 – Scoring Rules

4.17 – Calibration of Reactive Targets

4.17.1  Reactive targets must physically react to score. All reactive targets in a Sanctioned Match, poppers, plates, etc., will be calibrated so they will react properly with a “good hit” using the lowest power factor ammunition allowed in any division. The Match Director or designee will calibrate all reactive targets in a match before the […]

4.16 – Touching Targets

4.16.1  Shooters or their delegate will not touch or interfere with any target that has just been shot and has not yet been scored by the SO team. If a target is interfered with by the shooter or designee before it is scored, that target will be scored as all misses. 4.16.2  If a target […]

4.15 – Results Posting

All results from local and Sanctioned Matches must include the IDPA membership number for each shooter. Per the Shooters Responsibilities and Code of Conduct, a shooter must become a member of IDPA after their Third match. For those shooters temporarily without a current IDPA membership, an “XXX” may be displayed on the Match Results instead […]

4.14 – Scored Hits

4.14.1  Only rounds fired by the competitor may be used for scoring in a stage. 4.14.2  Actions like throwing of knives, knocking over poppers by hand, punching a sparing dummy, etc., will not be scored, but may be required on the clock. 4.14.3  Any round required to be fired at a target by the competitor […]

4.13 – Disallowed Targets

The following is a non-inclusive list of disallowed targets. Bowling Pins, Texas Star, Polish Plate Rack, Dueling Tree, Slider Triple Dropper, Golf Balls, Balloons, Eggs, Cowboy Poppers, IDPA Practice Target, Animal Shaped Steel Targets, Tombstone Popper, Coffin Popper, and other similar targets including other novelty targets, etc.

4.12 – Targets

The following is an inclusive list of targets which are allowed: Cardboard Targets: Official IDPA cardboard targets may be stationary or moving. These targets will be scored as marked, as -0, -1, -3, and a miss is -5. All cardboard targets used in IDPA local and Sanctioned Matches must be Official IDPA cardboard targets. Official […]

4.11 – Target Scoring Zones

4.11.1  “Head” refers to the part of the cardboard IDPA silhouette above the neckline. Shots designated for the “head” or “head only” must hit the part of the cardboard silhouette within the scoring area above the neckline, or they are counted as a miss, even if they hit another part of the silhouette. 4.11.2  “Body” […]

4.10 – Hit on Non-Threat

4.10.1  A Hit on Non-Threat (HNT) is defined as a hit in any scoring zone of a target that is designated a non-threat. A reactive non-threat target (steel, reactive polymer, etc.) must react properly to a hit to be scored as a HNT. 4.10.2  Each hit on a Non-Threat adds 5 seconds to the shooter’s […]

4.9 – Shoot Through

When a bullet passes through a non-threat target and also strikes a threat target, the shooter will get the penalty for the non-threat target hit and will get credit for the scored hit on the threat target. The reverse also applies when a round on a threat target penetrates a non-threat or threat behind it. […]

4.8 – Threat and Non-Threat Target Designation

4.8.1  Non-threat targets must be designated by displaying a pair of normal sized open hands of contrasting color, at least one of which must be visible from all shooting positions where the target may be engaged. 4.8.2  Threat targets may be designated by displaying a normal sized threat indicator (like a firearm or knife) that […]

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