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IDPA Rulebook – Chapter 5 – Penalty Rules

5.5 – Penalty Application

5.5.1 Safety Penalties will apply before, during, and after the CoF. 5.5.2 A CoF begins when the SO issues the “Range Is Hot, Eyes and Ears” command to the shooter. 5.5.3 A CoF ends when the SO issues the “Range is Clear” command. 5.5.4 CoF penalties will apply during the time the CoF is in […]

5.4 – Disqualification (DQ)

Disqualification means the shooter may not continue in any part of the IDPA match, may not reenter in another division, and may not shoot any side matches. The shooter’s score will be reported as DQ. A shooter must be disqualified for the following reasons: Unsafe firearm handling as defined in the Safety Rules Section. Unsportsmanlike […]

5.3 – Failure To Do Right (FTDR)

5.3.1  A 20 second Failure To Do Right penalty is assessed for gross unsportsmanlike conduct. Non-inclusive examples of this conduct are: Cussing out an SO, throwing a piece of their equipment on the ground, throwing a tantrum for any reason or violating the shooter’s code of conduct. 5.3.2  The FTDR is intended to be used […]

5.2 – Flagrant Penalty (FP)

A Flagrant Penalty (FP) adds ten (10) seconds and is assessed, instead of a PE Penalty, in cases where an infraction results in a competitive advantage, such as failure to follow the instructions in a CoF and gaining a competitive advantage that cannot be addressed by a PE (i.e. score works out in competitors favor […]

5.1 – Procedural Error (PE)

Procedural Errors add 3 seconds per infraction and are assessed when: A shooter fails to follow the shooting procedures set forth in the written stage description. A shooter breaks a rule of the game. A conduct violation described in the Shooter’s code of conduct as determined by the MD. A PE is assessed for each […]

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