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IPDA Rulebook – Chapter 9 – Classification Rules

9.6 – The Pistol Classifier Match

The pistol classifier and the pistol caliber carbine classifier stage descriptions, layout diagrams and score sheets can be found at

9.5 – Equity Promotion

9.5.1 A shooter’s highest and lowest Classification in a semi-auto division can only differ by one Classification level. When a semi-auto shooter receives a Match Performance Promotion, the Equity promotion rule is applied to all semi-automatic Divisions. Divisions in which the shooter is Unclassified also receive an Equity Promotion by this rule if the highest […]

9.4 – Match Performance Promotion

9.4.1 Classification can also be affected by a shooter’s performance in Sanctioned Matches. This is based on the number of people in a shooter’s Division and Classification and the Classifications above within that same Division. This method of Classification promotion calculation does not include DQ’s, DNF’s or match no-shows. 9.4.2 The winner of a class […]

9.3 – Universal Semi-Automatic Classification

The classification attained by shooting the Classifier in any semi-automatic pistol division must be applied to all other semi-automatic pistol divisions. For example, if an SSP shooter receives an Expert classification, they are then also classified as Expert in CCP, ESP, and CDP

9.2 – Classification Frequency

9.2.1 Every IDPA member must shoot the Classifier at least once every 12 months, except Master and Distinguished Master class shooters. 9.2.2 A Match Performance Promotion in the last twelve months in a division counts as shooting the Classifier in the division they are promoted to. 9.2.3 Shooting and completing a Sanctioned IDPA match in […]

9.1 – Classification Database

The IDPA Classification Database is the only official record of Classifications. The IDPA Classification Database must be kept up-to-date and accurate by each IDPA club’s Match Director, Club Contact, or designee. When a Classifier Match is held, or a Classification Promotion occurs at a Sanctioned Match, the Club Contact, Match Director, or designee must upload […]

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