10.2 – Appeals Requirements

10.2.1  Shooters may verbally appeal an issue/decision to the Chief Safety Officer (CSO) of the stage on which the dispute arose, adhering to all aspects of the IDPA Shooter’s Code of Conduct, immediately after attempting to shoot the CoF.

10.2.2  If the shooter and CSO still disagree, the shooter may verbally appeal the issue/decision to the Match Director (MD), adhering to all aspects of the IDPA Shooter’s Code of Conduct, within 15 minutes of receiving the decision from the CSO.

10.2.3  If the shooter and MD still disagree, the shooter must alert the MD immediately of the shooter’s intent to file a written appeal.

10.2.4  The shooter submits a written appeal within 30 minutes of informing MD of their intent. The preparation of the document rests solely on the shooter. Appeals received past this time limit will not be considered. The appeal should include the following information:

  1. Shooter’s name and contact information (including cell phone number, if applicable)
  2. Brief description of the issue (100 words or less)
  3. Names of witnesses and description of evidence, if applicable
  4. Confirmation that the appeal has been expressed to both the CSO and MD
  5. Specific rule and number from the current rulebook (including page number) that has been violated or is being reviewed
  6. The desired outcome of the appeal
  7. A fee of $100 USD cash must accompany the written appeal.

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