10.3 – Written Appeal Review

10.3.1  After receipt of the written appeal, the MD will deliver the document to the Area Coordinator (AC) of the region or his delegate, who will act as Lead of the Arbitration Team.

10.3.2  The AC will select a team of 3 shooters (including himself) who are certified Safety Officers to comprise the Appeals Team. Each member will have one vote. The Appeals Team Members should have no conflict of interest with the outcome.

10.3.3  The Appeals Team will review the document prepared by the Shooter and will retain the appeal fee until a decision is made.

10.3.4  The Team may request further information from the shooter, SO, CSO, MD, and witnesses, and may inspect any stage or area related to the appeal.

10.3.5  The shooter filing the appeal should not initiate communications with any of the parties involved with the issue or with the Appeals Team after the initial submission of the appeal.

10.3.6  The team will deliberate and render a decision within 1 hour after receipt of the appeal. This will be presented to the MD and the shooter who filed the appeal.

10.3.7  It is the responsibility of the MD to implement the Appeals Team’s decision.

10.3.8  If the team supports the appeal, this may involve reinstating the shooter, providing the shooter with a reshoot, eliminating a penalty or withdrawing the stage from the match. In this case, the appeal fee will be returned to the shooter.

10.3.9  If the team does not support the appeal, the decision of the MD stands and the AC will forward the appeal fee to IDPA Headquarters.

10.3.10  All decisions by the Appeals Team are final and may not be appealed.

10.3.11  No third-party appeals will be accepted by a shooter on behalf of someone else.

10.3.12  The AC will provide a summary of the appeal and disposition to IDPA Headquarters within 1 week of the match completion date.

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