2.2 – Unsafe Firearm Handling

Unsafe firearm handling will result in immediate Disqualification (DQ) from an IDPA match. The following is a non- exclusive list of unsafe behaviors.

  1. Endangering any person, including yourself. This includes sweeping one’s self or anyone else with a loaded or unloaded firearm. Sweeping is defined as allowing the muzzle of the firearm (loaded or unloaded) to cross or cover any portion of a person.
    Exception: Some body types combined with some holster types makes it almost impossible to holster a firearm or remove the firearm from the holster without sweeping a portion of the shooter’s lower extremities. Thus, a match Disqualification is not applicable for sweeping of the shooter’s own body below the belt while removing the firearm from the holster or holstering of the firearm, provided that the shooter’s trigger finger is clearly outside of the trigger guard. However, once the muzzle of the firearm is clear of the holster on the draw, sweeping any part of the body is a Disqualification. Example: Sweeping one’s leg on a seated start is a DQ.
  2. Pointing the muzzle beyond designated “Muzzle Safe Points” if used, or beyond the 180-degree Muzzle Safe Plane if used.
  3. Intentionally engaging (discharging the firearm) anything other than a target or an activator.
  4. A discharge:
    1. in the holster.
    2. striking up range of the shooter.
    3. into the ground downrange closer to the shooter than 2 yards, unless engaging a low target that is within 2 yards.
    4. over a berm.
    5. during Load And Make Ready, Unload and Show Clear, Reload, or Malfunction Clearance.
    6. before the start signal.
    7. while transferring a firearm from one hand to the other.
    8. while handling a firearm except at the firing line.
  5. Removing a firearm from the holster, unless:
    1. With verbal instruction from a SO.
    2. While engaging targets in a CoF under the direct supervision and visual contact of a SO.
    3. When in a designated “Safe Area”.
  6. Pointing the muzzle over the berm during the “Pull the Trigger” portion of Unload and Show Clear.
  7. Drawing a firearm while facing up range.

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