2.3 – Dropping A Firearm

2.3.1  Dropping a loaded or unloaded firearm or causing it to fall, during Load And Make Ready, the shooting of a string or stage, reloads or malfunction clearance or during Unload and Show Clear will result in disqualification from the match. If a shooter drops a firearm, the SO will immediately give the command “Stop”. The SO will pick up/recover the dropped firearm and render it safe and unloaded before returning it to the shooter. The shooter will be disqualified from the IDPA match.

2.3.2  If a shooter drops a loaded or unloaded firearm or causes it to fall within a stage boundary, the shooter is disqualified from the match.

2.3.3  Dropping an unloaded firearm or causing it to fall while outside of stage boundaries is not within IDPA’s control, and is subject to local Range policy.

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