2.4 – Ear and Eye Protection

2.4.1 Ear protection and impact resistant eye protection are required to be used by everyone attending an IDPA shooting event. The responsibility for safe and serviceable ear and eye protection falls completely on the shooter or spectator. IDPA recommends that hearing protection have a minimum 21dB NRR rating and that eye protection have a minimum ANSI Z87.1 impact rating and side shields.

2.4.2  The SO will stop a shooter that has started a CoF and is not wearing proper eye or ear protection, and a reshoot will be given to the shooter. If the shooter’s eye or hearing protection becomes dislodged during a CoF, the same action applies. If the shooter discovers missing or dislodged eye or hearing protection before the SO and stops, the shooter will also be given a reshoot.

2.4.3 A shooter who intentionally loses or dislodges eye and/or ear protection during a CoF will be disqualified.

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