2.9 – Muzzle Safety

There are three types of muzzle safe area indicators used in IDPA. The written stage description will describe which type of muzzle safe point is used or if the two types are used in concert. One or both may be used on a single stage, however if no muzzle safe cones or flags are present on a stage, the default is the 180° rule.

  1. Muzzle Safe Points: A Muzzle Safe Point is a physical and clearly visible marker such as a traffic cone or stake in the ground with a brightly colored flag or marker tape attached.
  2. 180-Degree Plane: The 180° plane is an imaginary infinite vertical plane drawn through the centerline of the shooter’s body, perpendicular to the centerline of the shooting bay that moves with the shooter as the shooter moves through the stage. When facing downrange, the violation of the 180-degree plane when drawing from a muzzle rearward holster configuration or while holstering a firearm into a muzzle rearward holster configuration is not an infraction.
  3. Muzzle Exclusion Zone Muzzle Exclusion Zones must be marked on doors that the shooter is required to open during the CoF. This type of muzzle safe point designates a keep out area and should be a minimum dimension of 6” square. If the muzzle points at this keep out area while the shooter is touching the door knob/handle, the shooter will be disqualified.

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