3.10 – Flashlight Usage Rules

If a shooter is required to, or elects to, use a flashlight on a stage, the default starting position for the flashlight is in the shooter’s support hand with the light off, unless otherwise dictated by the CoF. The CoF may not force the shooter to start with the flashlight stowed on his or her body. The following rules apply if a flashlight is used at any point during a stage.

  1. Once the stage begins the flashlight may be left on during the entire stage at the shooter’s discretion.
  2. Shooters must retain the flashlight throughout the course of fire.
  3. Dropping a flashlight does not incur a penalty as long as the shooter retrieves the flashlight prior to firing the next shot in the string of fire.
  4. If a shooter drops a flashlight, the SO may, at their discretion, illuminate the area for safety reasons until the shooter retrieves the flashlight. This will not be deemed SO interference.
  5. The shooter’s flashlight may be used to recharge night sights any time after the start signal, but not prior

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