3.3 – Walkthroughs

3.3.1  Prior to shooting a stage, a group walkthrough will be given by the SO. During the group walkthrough, the SO will verbally indicate to all shooters the vision barriers and points of cover for each target and fault lines. During the group walkthrough, the SO will also indicate to shooters all special conditions for the stage. Each shooter will be allowed to view each target from every shooting position. This includes taking a knee or going prone.

3.3.2  Other than the group walkthrough, no individual stage walkthroughs are permitted. Individual walkthroughs include walking the path of fire or assuming shooting positions for the purpose of check cover positions or target engagement, order, etc.

3.3.3  Air gunning and/or sight pictures are not permitted. Air gunning is the act of going through the motions of firing all or portions of the stage with a hand or pointed finger while within the stage boundaries. A sight picture is the act of drawing a loaded or unloaded firearm and aiming it downrange before the start signal to begin a stage.

3.3.4  Stage Boundaries mark the region wherein the shooter becomes subject to the rules of air gunning, sight picture and an individual walkthrough.

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