3.7 – Start Position

3.7.1  Once the shooter has assumed the “start position” and the “Standby” command has been given, the shooter’s physical position may not be changed prior to the start signal, with the exception of head movements, provided such movements do not contradict the ready position requirements specified in the stage description.

3.7.2  Unless specified otherwise in the stage description, the default ready position requires the shooter to stand erect with the body relaxed and hands resting naturally at sides.

3.7.3  If an SO determines that a shooter was allowed to start in an incorrect start position (at the time the “Standby” command was given,) a reshoot is mandatory and no penalty is assessed. Note: This rule does not apply to equipment start condition (e.g. loaded with correct number of rounds).

3.7.4  When a stage is started in an incorrect start position and the shooter notices but the SO does not notice, the shooter must request a reshoot immediately following the holster command and prior to the scoring of targets. If not requested during this period, no reshoot will be allowed

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