4.1 – Unlimited Scoring

4.1.1  Unlimited Scoring allows the shooter to shoot at each target as much as deemed necessary, as long as this does not violate other IDPA rules. The best hits on a target are used for score. This gives the shooter the option to make up misses or hits that he or she are not satisfied with to improve their score. When the shooter does not fire enough rounds at a target, the unfired rounds are counted as misses and a Procedural Error penalty is assessed for not following the written stage description.

4.1.2  Each Course of Fire description will specify how many hits are required on each target. For example, if 3 hits are required on each target, then the best 3 hits will be scored, if there are more than 3 hits on the target.

4.1.3  To tally an Unlimited score, take the time it took to complete the strings of fire (raw time from the shot timer) and total up the points down from each target. The raw time is added to the total points down for the stage multiplied by 1 second, and then added to any other penalties if applicable.

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