4.5 – Reasonable Doubt

4.5.1  When a Safety Officer has a reasonable doubt on a scoring call, the SO will award the better score to the shooter. This also applies to possible doubles. However, this does not automatically mean that every miss is a double.

4.5.2  Video cannot be used to determine the shooter’s score or appeal the decision of an SO.

4.5.3  Typically, bullet holes leave a grease ring, and it is used to determine the outside diameter of the hole for scoring. However, bullets do not have to have a grease ring to be scored as a hit. (e.g. bullets passing through other targets, clothing, soft cover, etc., may not produce a grease ring) so it is possible to allow the hit to be scored.

4.5.4  A radial tear must not be used to give a shooter a better score. If the actual area of the bullet hole does not reach the next better scoring ring, the shooter gets the lower score even if the tear reaches the next higher scoring ring.

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