4.7 – Hard Cover/Soft Cover Scoring Implications

4.7.1  Stage props are commonly used to represent hard cover or impenetrable objects such as walls, cars, barricades, and furniture such as desks and file cabinets. Truly impenetrable objects may also be used as hard cover in a stage.

4.7.2  IDPA requires that course designers standardize on Black for simulated hard cover . IDPA recommends that course designers standardize on White for soft cover simulation, or use props such as windows, curtains, shrubs, etc.

4.7.3  Any shot that puts a full diameter hole in an object designated as hard cover and continues to penetrate a target will be considered to have missed the target, (whether the target is a threat or a non-threat.) If the SO cannot tell which shot through hard cover hit a threat target, remove the best hit from the target for each full diameter hole in the hard cover.

4.7.4  Shots that penetrate soft cover and go on to strike a target will be scored as hits, (whether the target is a threat or a non-threat.)

4.7.5  Simulated Threat and Non-Threat indicators painted or marked, regardless of color are not hard cover.

4.7.6  Threat indicators made of impenetrable material are considered hard cover.

4.7.7  Targets may be covered with clothing as desired. This is typically done with T-shirts, cut into a front half and a back half and one half is clipped or stapled onto the target sticks holding the target. Only a single layer of lightweight clothing material may be between the shooter and a target.

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