5.2 – Flagrant Penalty (FP)

A Flagrant Penalty (FP) adds ten (10) seconds and is assessed, instead of a PE Penalty, in cases where an infraction results in a competitive advantage, such as failure to follow the instructions in a CoF and gaining a competitive advantage that cannot be addressed by a PE (i.e. score works out in competitors favor with a PE added).

5.2.1 Flagrant Penalties are assessed when:

  1. A shooter fails to follow the shooting procedures set forth in the written stage description and/or uses inappropriate equipment with the obvious intent of gaining a competitive scoring advantage.
  2. A shooter breaks a rule of the game.
  3. A conduct violation described in the Shooter’s code of conduct as determined by the MD.

5.2.1 Examples of an FP (non-inclusive list):

  1. SHO/WHO strings / stages shot Freestyle
  2. Not going prone when required
  3. Not fully engaging all targets as required
  4. Not following stage requirement that takes longer than 3 seconds to perform
  5. Shooting an entire array while faulting the line
  6. Staging an ammunition feeding device incorrectly
  7. Extra rounds in magazines

All FPs must be approved by the MD.

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