5.3 – Failure To Do Right (FTDR)

5.3.1  A 20 second Failure To Do Right penalty is assessed for gross unsportsmanlike conduct. Non-inclusive examples of this conduct are: Cussing out an SO, throwing a piece of their equipment on the ground, throwing a tantrum for any reason or violating the shooter’s code of conduct.

5.3.2  The FTDR is intended to be used solely as a penalty for acts on the part of the shooter to circumvent or violate the rules and by doing so gain a competitive advantage. A FTDR may be issued for violations of the Course of Fire, but not in cases of shooter errors where it is obvious that the shooter gained no competitive advantage by their actions. It should not be assessed for inadvertent shooter errors. In these cases, the shooter should be assessed a PE or FP, rather than an FTDR.

5.3.3  All FTDRs must be approved by the MD.

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