6.3 – Fault Lines

  1. Fault Lines must be used by match directors to delineate cover at a cover position to reduce disputed penalties.
  2. Fault Lines may consist of marking material that remains consistent for each shooter the entire match. They may

    be tactile or non-tactile at the discretion of the match director. If they extend above the ground surface, it is incumbent of each shooter to use appropriate care for safety. Paint, lumber, metal, etc. used to mark the fault line must be no wider than 4”

  3. Fault Lines must be placed in a manner which promotes the Principles of Shooting IDPA in Section 1.2
  4. Fault lines must outline the general boundary for each point of cover wherein a shooter may safely engage all

    available targets from that position as an option in shooting a stage.

  5. Fault lines used to mark a PoC extend from the end of the physical objects used up range to the stage boundary

    to accommodate long-cover.

  6. Positions of Cover at windows and ports must be marked with fault lines.

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