8.1 – Firearms – General

8.1.1 Division Summary

  1. IDPA is divided into 6 regular divisions that are entirely separate. None of the following divisions compete against any other division:Stock Service Pistol (SSP) .   Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP)    Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP)Compact Carry Pistol (CCP)   Revolver (REV)                               Back Up Gun (BUG)
  2. BUG is a required division for Tier 1 matches and is an optional division for Tier 2 – Tier 5 Sanctioned matches.
  3. Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) is an optional Specialty Division for Tier 1 – Tier 5 matches.

8.1.2 Specialty Divisions (SPD) are an optional division for all matches. These additions must be published in all Sanctioned Match announcements and the addition of specialty division(s) inclusion is not subject to appeal or arbitration

  1. Double action, double action only and striker fired semi-automatic firearms compete in SSP, CCP, PCC, or BUG. Any firearm that can be used in SSP can be used in ESP or CDP, depending upon the cartridge used.
  2. Single action semi-automatic firearms compete in ESP, CCP, CDP, PCC or BUG, depending upon physical size and cartridge used.
  3. Revolvers are classified by loading method and ammunition power and compete in BUG depending upon physical size and cartridge used.

8.1.3 Magazine Loading:All magazines must be loaded to division capacity at the start signal throughout the match except in the following cases:

  1. If a magazine is used that holds less than division capacity, the shooter will load all magazines to the capacity of the lowest magazine throughout the match.
  2. The stage description may require reduced magazine loading.
  3. In the Revolver division, the shooter must load the revolver and all loading devices with the same number ofrounds throughout the match unless the above loading exceptions apply.

8.1.4 Division Capacity
SSP, ESP, SPD…………. 10 rounds

CDP, CCP……………….. 8 rounds

REV, BUG-S……………. 6 rounds

BUG-R…………………… 5 rounds total

In all semi-auto divisions except BUG-S, the shooter will also start with one additional round in the chamber, unless the stage description requires otherwise.

8.1.5 Loading Device Count

  1. A “loading device” is a magazine, speed loader, or moon clip.
  2. Shooters starting with 8 or more rounds in all loading devices are allowed to start with the loaded firearm plustwo additional loading devices.
  3. Shooters starting with 6 or 7 rounds in all loading devices are allowed to start with the loaded firearm plus threeadditional loading devices.
  4. Shooters starting with 5 or fewer rounds in all loading devices are allowed to start with the loaded firearm plusfour additional loading devices.
  5. No additional loading devices beyond the above limits may be used during a string.

8.1.6 Unserviceable Firearm Rule

  1. In any single match, a shooter must use the same firearm for all stages unless it becomes unserviceable.
  2. If the shooter determines that the firearm has become unserviceable, he will notify a Safety Officer who willnotify the Match Director.
  3. Once the shooter declares the firearm is unserviceable, it may not be used for the duration of the match.
  4. The shooter may continue the match at the next start signal. Previous strings may not be re-shot.
  5. Any same-division legal replacement firearm may be used.
  6. If the replacement firearm magazines do not allow the same loading capacity as the original firearm, the shooter may adjust the magazine loading to suit the replacement firearm, following the magazine loading rules in Section Modifications for All Divisions

8.1.7 Allowable Modifications for All Divisions
The following modification rules apply to firearms in all divisions.

  1. Storage locks may be disabled or removed.
  2. Magazine disconnects may be disabled or removed.
  3. Lasers that are incorporated into the firearm or sights are allowed if they comply with all other division rules and the laser is not activated during a string of fire. Tape may be used to prevent the laser from projecting.
  4. An extended magazine release button may not be oversized in diameter or protrude more than 0.2” out from the frame. The measurement is taken at the rear most part of the magazine release, where it exits the frame. When the magazine release area is recessed into the grip frame, the grip frame to the rear of the recess is used as the base of the measurement.
  5. With respect to slide machining, SSP, ESP, CCP, CDP and BUG, Original Firearm Manufacturer (OFM) firearms with extensive slide machining are approved for use in IDPA if they meet all other requirements for their respective Divisions. For slide machining, an OFM product is defined as a complete firearm product, with specific model part numbers or SKUs catalogued as stock items by the manufacturer and have a minimum annual production of 2,000 units for that specific model. Discontinued models must have had a total production of 20,000 units for a specific model.

8.1.8 Non-IDPA-Legal Features and Modifications for All Divisions
The following features and modifications are not allowed in any division unless otherwise specifically allowed in the rulebook.

  1. Compensators of any type including hybrid or ported barrels.
  2. Add-on weights. This includes (but is not limited to) weighted magazines, tungsten guide rods, brass magazine wells, weighted grips, and weighted grip plugs.
  3. Heavy and/or cone style barrels without a barrel bushing except as allowed in ESP, CCP, BUG and CDP divisions with length restrictions.
  4. Sights of non-standard configuration (ghost rings, Bo-Mar ribs, etc.).
  5. Disconnecting or disabling of any safety device including (but not limited to): manual safeties, grip safeties, firing pin, striker, and hammer blocking safeties, 1911 series 80 firing pin safeties, 1911 Swartz safeties. 1911 series 80 frames may be used with series 70 slides or vice versa. Revolver actions may not be modified so that the hammer can fall when the cylinder is open.
  6. Lights mounted on firearms.
  7. Rail mounted lasers and bolt-on trigger guard mounted lasers are not allowed.

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