8.5 – Holsters

The following criteria apply to IDPA legal holsters.

  1. Must be suitable for all day concealed carry, and worn on each stage regardless of the start position.
  2. Must be a strong side hip holster worn inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waist band.
  3. Must be worn on an IDPA legal belt.
  4. Must prevent activation of the trigger while holstered.
  5. Must carry the firearm in a neutral (vertical) or muzzle rear cant.
  6. Adjustable cant holsters are legal if bolts must be removed and repositioned for cant adjustment. IWB holsters are exempt from this rule.
  7. Must hold the firearm with enough tension to allow the wearer to complete normal daily tasks without fear of losing the firearm.
  8. Must be constructed of normal thickness common holster making materials (leather, Kydex, plastic, nylon, etc.).
  9. For male shooters, the holster must carry firearm so that the entire front strap (to the trigger guard) is at or above the top of the belt. IWB holsters are exempt from this rule.
  10. The shooter’s holster location must remain on the same side of the body throughout the entire course of a match.
  11. Must be positioned on the belt so that the center of the trigger pad is behind the centerline of the body.
  12. For IDPA purposes, the centerline of the body originates in the center of the armpit and goes straight down.
  13. All retention devices on the holster must be used.
  14. Retention devices may be permanently removed or permanently disabled, but not temporarily disabled for a match.
  15. The front edge of the holster may not be more than 1 3⁄4 inch below the breech face (autos) or 1 inch below the rear of the cylinder (revolvers).
  16. Holsters may be modified to meet IDPA rules.
  17. Holsters with screws or knobs that extend past the outer face of the holster are allowed if the adjustment screw(s) require a tool to change tension, the screws protrude less than 0.125” from the outer face of the holster, and they meet all other holster requirements. Additionally, all tension screws anywhere on a holster must require a tool for tension adjustment.
  18. For male shooters only, the holsters must fit the shooter’s body such that a 3⁄4 inch diameter dowel placed between the shooter and the firearm anywhere above the belt contacts both the shooter and the firearm simultaneously.
  1. A holster may be legal for some shooters but not legal for other shooters due to different body shapes.
  2. A holster may be legal if worn snugly but illegal if sagging away from the body.
  3. For women shooters only, a dropped and offset (DOH) holster may be used. Concealment and cant rules apply.
  4. For women shooters only, when viewed from the front, a women’s holster may not tilt out away from the body further than vertical, unless the shooter’s body touches the grip of firearm.

8.5.1 Non-Permitted Holsters (Non-Inclusive list):

  1. Cross-draw carry
  2. Shoulder holsters
  3. Small of the back carry
  4. Appendix carry
  5. Pocket carry

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