8.7 – Duty Gear Exemption

This duty gear exemption is for patrol type gear worn by uniformed personnel, not undercover, plainclothes, or investigative type gear.

Police and military personnel are allowed to use their duty rigs as follows:

  1. The duty holster must be a strong side belt or thigh holster with at least one retention feature.
  2. All retention features of the holster must be used.
  3. All belt equipment holders must be present, though the shooter may decide which belt equipment is present.

Police and military personnel using the duty gear exemption are exempt from:

  1. Using concealment garment
  2. Holster design and placement requirements (other than listed above)
  3. Ammunition carrier design and placement requirements
  4. Belt design and placement requirements

The duty gear exemption is available for Tier 1 matches only.

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