8.8 – Miscellaneous Equipment

8.8.1 Knee Pads & Elbow Pads
Hard shell kneepads and elbow pads are not allowed.
Soft shelled pads, braces, and tape may be worn throughout a match without being concealed, provided they are worn for each stage of the match. Pads, braces, and tape worn under concealment garments may be put on and removed as the competitor sees fit.
8.8.2 Cleats
Cleated shoes may be worn so long as the cleats are made entirely from a rubber compound that you can push your fingernail into. No hard plastic or metal cleats are permitted.
8.8.3 Gloves Gloves may be used.
8.8.4 Flashlights
Only hand held lights may be used in IDPA competition. For Physically Disabled shooters, refer to Physically Disabled Shooters Section.
Lights may not be attached to the shooter’s hand, wrist, or arm in any fashion.
Rings or straps that go around any part of the shooter’s body (finger, palm, wrist, etc.) are not allowed. Lanyards may be present, but may not be used.
Police and military personnel using the Duty Gear Exemption with a firearm mounted light may not activate the mounted light, and are otherwise subject to the same hand held flashlight usage rules as other competitors. See rule 3.10.

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