8.9 – Concealment Garments

8.9.1 Concealment garments hide the holster, firearm, ammunition carriers, and loading devices from view.
8.9.2 To see if the garment is legal, the competitor stands with their arms straight out to their sides, parallel to the ground. If the standing SO cannot see the previously listed equipment from the front, sides, or rear, then the concealment garment is legal.
8.9.3 Concealment garments may not be modified with plastic zip ties, wire, metal, Styrofoam, cardboard, or any similar material that would stiffen the garment or pockets. Patches may not be placed on concealment garment pockets. Use of standard laundry starch is acceptable.
8.9.4 Weights may not be attached to concealment garments, but items may be placed in pockets.
8.9.5 Pocket flaps may be inserted into pockets.
8.9.6 Specially made pockets for magazine stowage after a reload may not be used.

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