9.2 – Classification Frequency

9.2.1 Every IDPA member must shoot the Classifier at least once every 12 months, except Master and Distinguished Master class shooters.
9.2.2 A Match Performance Promotion in the last twelve months in a division counts as shooting the Classifier in the division they are promoted to.
9.2.3 Shooting and completing a Sanctioned IDPA match in the last 12 months (without a DQ or DNF) also counts as shooting a Classifier in the division in which the shooter competed.
9.2.4 Should a Match Director feel that a shooter should be shooting in a higher Classification level, the MD may require that the shooter shoot the Classifier again to reestablish a current Classification.
9.2.5 Every shooter in a Sanctioned Match must be classified within the previous 12 months in the Division in which he/she is entered. For a Sanctioned match, the Match Director or designee must confirm that every shooter is an IDPA member on match day and has a current Classification on match day in the Division and Classification entered in the match.
9.2.6 For local matches, it is sufficient to shoot a Classifier in the division most often entered. A shooter may compete in club matches in a division where a classification is not current within twelve months or the shooter is Unclassified, where the Equity Classification will be used.
9.2.7 Shooters may not go down in Classification except for permanent physical disability or for other irrevocable reasons. IDPA HQ will determine when this is appropriate and make the necessary adjustments to the Classification Database.

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