9.5 – Equity Promotion

9.5.1 A shooter’s highest and lowest Classification in a semi-auto division can only differ by one Classification level. When a semi-auto shooter receives a Match Performance Promotion, the Equity promotion rule is applied to all semi-automatic Divisions. Divisions in which the shooter is Unclassified also receive an Equity Promotion by this rule if the highest Classification attained is Marksman or above. The Equity Promotion does not apply to or affect PCC, REV or BUG divisions. For example, if a shooter is promoted to Sharpshooter in a match, then the shooter’s classifications in other semi-automatic divisions are updated to Marksman.
9.5.2 Equity Promotions do not count as shooting the Classifier. For divisions where the shooter’s Equity Promotion applies, it defines the minimum classification that one can shoot under. The shooter still needs to meet the requirements of the rule above for Sanctioned Matches.
9.5.3 This rule does not apply to six firearm awards, which may only be attained by shooting Classifiers at the appropriate level.

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