Chapter 7 – Permanently physically disabled shooter (PPDS) Rules

For IDPA purposes, a permanently physically disabled shooter is defined as having:

  1. Missing limbs or partial limbs.
  2. Prosthetic limbs.
  3. Non-operational limbs.
  4. Use of wheelchair, walker or crutches.

In an effort to accommodate our PPDS, the following rules apply.

  1. PPDS who choose not to, or are unable to perform an action required by the CoF (kneeling, prone, etc.) will receive 1 PE penalty per action not performed. If the targets cannot be acquired from their position of ability, points down will be assessed but no PEs for engagement will be assessed.
  2. PPDS with the use of only one arm or hand may elect to use a light mounted on the firearm prior to the start signal, with no penalty, on all stages if within the match there is a stage that requires the use of a flashlight.
  3. PPDS who are one-armed/one-handed will not be penalized on a stage that requires shooting either weak hand or strong hand.
  4. PPDS may perform one-handed reloads in a manner that is deemed safe by the MD prior to the start of the match.
  5. PPDS who are confined to a wheelchair may use whatever means they choose to navigate the CoF in their wheelchair, including a pushing assistant. However, the requirement(s) chosen must be used for every CoF in the match.
  6. Use of a body mounted or wheelchair mounted holster and/or ammunition carriers are permitted.
  7. Firearms may be re-holstered between shooting positions.
  8. One-handed firearm control throughout a CoF is permitted.
  9. Shooters may forego usage of a concealment garment.

Shooters who suffer from hearing loss may request an alternate non-audible start signal.

IDPA Headquarters may issue individual waivers to allow physically disabled shooters to use alternate or specially designed equipment to suit their individual abilities.

PPDS status is based on Honor System. Those who misrepresent their PPDS status will be disqualified.

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